Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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Swank June Round 2016

Today my blog is about the needless tragedy that seems to be going on 
throughout the world today. 
For anyone who thinks it's a great idea to kill those who 
do not believe or act the way they think they should...
don't you think that actions towards making 
someone do something they don't want to..
or to have to hide themselves in shame...
or even take someones life because they
do not believe the same things as you do...
is not far worse than the things you are judging? 
Seriously, how stupid are people these days? 
I thought judging someone over the color of their skin was the most ridiculous mindset 
a person could curse themselves with. 
But evidently violence in some stupid ideal of being better than 
someone else has gotta be the epitome of stupidity. 
Yea I know, I don't rant much but I have lately. 
I was always taught to treat others the way I would like to be 
treated. Was the golden rule lost somewhere along the years? 

To all those who feel hopelessness in the violence that seems to 
plague our society and it seems like you cannot trust anyone...
Like Mr Rodgers said...and yes we should all look to those men 
who bring forth light and love...
He said that his mother always taught him to look to the helpers. 
In every tragedy a few people may cause chaos but look
to those who come in support, love and comfort. 
The majority of us are good people who love others and life itself.    
And yes I am gonna quote the good book. Satan was given the power to bruise our heels, 
we are given the power to crush his head. 

Just always make sure you are one of the helpers...
the ones lending a hand, the ones who will not be crushed but
one that is willing to lift up this world and yourself above the 
degradation that is rampaging through the streets.
We are better than that.

50 DEAD and 53 Injured after shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando FL .
We have changed our logos to reflect Gay support.
You are welcome to donate at the Swank event for the families
effected by this tragedy.

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