Saturday, June 4, 2016

Rant...Featuring Designer Circle with !IT!, Awear, Persefona, Joplino

I don't usually vent or rant, 
but I am fuming today. 
So the gatcha machines...we all know and love/hate them. 
Now I have been playing gatcha machines for as long as I have been in SL. 
I use to LOVE playing gatchas, LOVED the new found treasures 
and ADORED playing them to get the rares. 
These days the gatcha machines have become a frenzy. 
Everyone is playing and we are spending a fortune to get 
the things we want. 
Now it use to be that if I put in a couple of thousand lindens 
I could get everything in the machine. 
Every rare, every item, everything I wanted. 
But not anymore. 
I can drop 5k into a machine and not ever get a rare. 

Well...I have had enough!
I call forth to all my fellow gatcha addicts and say ENOUGH!
The gatchas are unfair. They take advantage of the customers they 
should love and take care of. 
And this is how I see it. 
Just because you can take advantage of someone does not mean you should. 
The more we play the gatchas, the more the events/designers
take advantage of the fact that we will drop lindens trying 
to get the items. 
But I have had enough!!!
I am calling for a boycott on the damn machines. 
They will continue to take advantage of us as long as we let them. 
I say no more!

If the designers were smart they would take care of us, 
because once we all stop playing those God forsaken machines
the end of their money flow. 
Oh and btw, if I have to talk to you about your machine, 
I am already pissed beyond reproach.

So put your money back in your pockets. it is obvious that the designers 
do not care how it effects us, 
so long as the money is in their pocket they are good. 

We all have the responsibility to gatcha wisely. 
And that is exactly what I am told if I question whether the 
machines are fair or not. 
It is at your own risk. 
Problem is, 
when it becomes unfair...
the customers will walk away. 

Side note, there were a few designers that when 
I messaged them, they were sympathetic. 
They agreed with me and did not want to 
be unfair. They went above and beyond and
sent me a rare to be fair. 
To those designers, kudos!
They have earned my patronage for life. 
To the others...I shall put my lindens in someone else's pockets.

End of rant.

Hortensia Crown mix 1 by *LODE*

Rowan hair by /Wasabi Pills/

Heion Jewelry set 5 by !IT! at Designer Circle

Ayanna 8 eyeshadow by La Boheme

Rainbow Eyeshadow by [KoKoLoReS]

Bubble gloss lip designs by Madrid Solo

Jane outfit and slink shoes for high feet in pink & White by Awear at Designer Circle

Butterflies y Persefona at Designer Circle

Lani pose set (Exclusive) by Joplino at Designer Circle


  1. I feel you, there are different percentages when it comes to rares, it depends how low are the odds, and you can check that if you click on Edit to the machine, you will see it right after the price.
    I used to do the same and feel like you from time to time, but due to the lack of time and in order to stay away from the temptation of spending everything at once I am buying nowadays from resellers exactly what i want, if i can find them at decent prices. Fabulous combination for this post btw <3

  2. Yes I agree, rebuying them from others who have also been caught in the trap of the gatcha machines is something I will do in the future. Thanks for the tips! xoxo