Friday, June 17, 2016

Kill Em With Kidness...Featuring Swank with Zanze, Indulge Temptation!, B&C, PosESion, Dreamland Designs

In the uneasy world that we live in, it's easy to get
caught up in the hate.
When I was growing up my mom taught me that
if someone has issues with you,
no matter what the issue is,
you kill them with kindness.
It worked every time.
I worked with a lady that was talked about
as being the nastiest person that anyone
had ever met.
She was miserable to work with and made everyone
else as miserable as she was.
Never was she asked to take break with anyone or
to join anyone for lunch.
I found out what her favorite chocolate was
and I would leave her chocolates anonymously.
You could tell when she got one because she would smile and
be kind that whole day.

She never knew it was me leaving the candies,
but just in the change of her attitude it was well worth the
dollar it took to buy the candy.

50 DEAD and 53 Injured after shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando FL .
We have changed our logos to reflect Gay support.
You are welcome to donate at the Swank event for the families
effected by this tragedy.

Limo: Swank

Delaney Hair by KoKoLoReS at HairOLogy

Ayanna eyeshadow by La Boheme

Alexa Lips in deep red by Jumo

Sara Bandage Dress by Zanze at Swank

Serenity Necklace 1 by Indulge Temptation! at Swank

Dark Zone bangles by WTG

Hayael Heels for slink high feet by B&C designer at Swank

Nika Handgun in silver by N-Core

Pistol poses by *PosESion* at Swank

Sweet Narcotic Lovers Bedroom Set by Dreamland Designs at Swank

Kill Em With Kindness

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