Friday, June 17, 2016

Live While We're Young...Featuring Swank with HOT FUSS, * TIFFANY DESIGNS *, Ch's, Balderdash, .:Tm:. Creations

Swank June Round 2016

Summer is here!!
I love having my kids home, I would keep them home
all the time, if I could.
So I love the summer with my  house full of kids...
most of them not even my own.
I love being able to take off and go to the lake at a
moments notice or to go on a short trip
and not having any cares except to pack up and go.

While its summer and hot out,
make your own adventures.

50 DEAD and 53 Injured after shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando FL .
We have changed our logos to reflect Gay support.
You are welcome to donate at the Swank event for the families
effected by this tragedy.

Limo: Swank

Limes hair by Beusy Gift at HairOLogy

Minikit lips and Eyes by Glamorize

LaCatrina Sugarskull headpiece and  Parasol by Devious Minds

Throwback glasses by HOT FUSS at Swank

A Wee Bit o Easter Big Pearls jewelry past gift by Chop Zuey

Monochrome Dress Model 4 by * TIFFANY DESIGNS * at Swank

Pekin Sandals by Ch's at Swank

Drake Blossom flowers in blue by Balderdash at Swank

[SidebySide] Cuddle Rustic Bench by .:Tm:. Creations at Swank

[P3 Beach] Pathway wood by .:Tm:. Creations at Swank

Live While We're Young

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