Friday, June 24, 2016

WarCraft...Featuring We Love To Blog with Asset and Loordes of London

Warcraft is all the rage right now. 
This is my very own rendition of a blood elf. 
Asset has a couple of hairs that make wonderful warcraft
Why not try your hand at a Warcraft character. 
There are so many fun races to chose from. 
If you do one of your own, 
link it back. 
I would love to see what
others interpretation of the theme is. 

BTW the movie was amazing! I highly recommend it!!

Gypsy Tiara in Earth by Zenith

Olisa Hair by Asset

Elf ear in creature by Eclectica

Doll Eyes gift in Gold by [KoKoLoReS]

Soft Smokey Eye makeup in Red Velvet by Glamorize

Minikit lips 9 by Glamorize

The Devil's Horns necklace by Loordes of London

Phryne bra and sleeves by aisling

Anouk belt and skirt by Luas

Light My Way Wolf by 3rd Eye Perceptions


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