Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Come Sail Away...Featuring We Love To Blog with !IT!, {POSH PIXELS}

If you haven't checked out We Love To Blog 
you can find the bloggers at the links below. 
Come see all the bloggers who love to...well blog.

Froggy Sailor hat in dark blue by *Katat0nik*

Unity hair by Damselfly

Elegant lipstick in electric red by Pink Acid

Nataly Black Eyeliner in Royal by Jumo

Sailor Earrings by <  Y  o  K  a  n  a  > 

Seaside Breeze dress by {POSH PIXELS} at Revamped June Round

Cord Wrap bracelets by !IT!

Cord High Top Wedge by AsHmOoT

Come Sail Away

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