Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Somebody's Watching Me...Featuring Finesmith with Boyfriend Jeans and Knotted T-Shirt

Have you ever felt like someone is watching you? 
Not that you can confirm it, but it's a creepy 
feeling that you can't shake off. 
Yes I have...
actually I have very recently. 
I kept feeling like I was being watched in my bedroom. 
Which seemed odd as the window is in the back yard 
and i have shutters. So why was I feeling so creeped out? 
Well then I got my puppy..
and he would sit and bark at my window. 
So it was time to check it out. 
More creepy than feeling like you are being watched 
is to find footprints all around your window. 
Someone had camped out next to my window. 

So now I know, 
if I get that feeling, 
and the dog is barking...
I am being watched!

Austen hair by Truth

Smoke eyeshadow in S2-8 by La Boheme

Alexa Lips in bouquet by Jumo

Kaleidoscope set tattoo for Maitreya by Dita Couture

Eyeball Necklace in dark by !Musa!

Hand jewelry for slink elegant hands by Formanails

Magnus cuff watch by REBELLION

Knotted T-Shirt by Finesmith

Boyfriend Jeans by Finesmith

Sneakers in black by WimCreation

Skateboard with poses by EverGlow

Somebody's Watching Me

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