Monday, June 20, 2016

Hot N Cold...Featuring Swank with Luminesse, Ghostyss, Luna Body Art, Magnum Opus

Swank June Round 2016

My blog today is dedicated to an SL friend
who just broke up with her SL boyfriend.
It takes a lot of courage to leave a relationship when
it is not working out.
So many people stay in a relationship because it is comfortable.
But just because your love tells you that they want a break
that things aren't going so well...
You have the choice to walk away as well.
You don't need to wait around for someone else to choose you...
You deserve everything that is good in this world.
Let it go, don't wait around for them,
Make the call yourself and start yourself healing.

50 DEAD and 53 Injured after shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando FL .
We have changed our logos to reflect Gay support.
You are welcome to donate at the Swank event for the families
effected by this tragedy.

Limo: Swank

Cake Bites in brown by Vanity Hair at HairOLogy

Smoke eyeshadow in S2-10 by La Boheme

Passion Lips in Strawberry by Jumo

Rimana Shama jewelry set by Luminesse at Swank

Manna Full rose set RARE by Zibska

Alexa gown by Ghostyss at Swank

Monochromatic nails for slink hands by .::LUNA::. Body Art at Swank

Dining room, China Cabinet, Simple side table,
Victorian Tea Set, Wine Tray by Magnum Opus at Swank

Hot N Cold

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