Sunday, July 31, 2016

Can't Touch This...Featuring Jumo and Designer Circle with Awear, CODEX, WellMade, Apple Heart Inc.

We all wanna be untouchable, cooler than cool
and wanted.

Swing by Designer Circle and pick up all the
things that will make you untouchable. 

Jessica single cap by Phoenix

Thea hair by Truth at Uber

La Secretair glasses 

Nataly black eyeliner in royal by Jumo

Alexa lips in pink by Jumo

Dragonflies take flight tats in Colors by Awear at Designer Circle

Chocker in gold by CODEX at Designer Circle

Stacked bracelets by Pure Poison

Brianna Bodysuit by WellMade at Designer Circle

Heels for slink feet by Apple Heart Inc. at Designer Circle

Can't Touch This

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