Monday, August 1, 2016

Don't Tell Me You Love Me....Featuring Designer Circle with Persefona, PELLE, MESANGE, !IT!, Pink Cherry, JKStyle

In a world where everyone is seeking for love,
very few know how to hold onto it.
I have a hard time with people telling me they love me
because most times it's not
something they mean.

I had a friend who told me everyday that he loved me.
I always hated that he would tell me because I know
someday it would end suddenly,
which is exactly what happened.
Over something trivial, something so stupid he stopped talking
to me.
That little I love you everyday turned quickly into
something else.
I don't understand how you can tell someone you love them...
then walk away so completely.
Am I the only one who can't turn off emotions
so easily?

Rsalinda Wreath in white by Persefona at Designer Circle

Epinoc hair in black by PELLE at Designer Circle

Grace eyes 12 by MESANGE at Designer Circle

Ondrine eyeshadow 10 by La Boheme 

Alexa lips in black by Jumo

Pretty Butterfly jewelry by !IT! at Designer Circle

Pompeya fur in grey RARE by May's Soul

Lace Up Minidress "Leara v2 in white for Maitreya by Pink Cherry at Designer Circle

Mistee Wrap Sandals in white by JKStyle at Designer Circle

Don't Tell Me You Love Me

1 comment:

  1. No, there's always a big difference between the casual and overused, almost meaningless "i love you" we keep hearing from people that sometimes are not even close enough to know us, and that heavy of intense emotions, coming straight from the heart "i love you" that special someone says it rarely, but with trembling shy voice, cause in this case it's a very fragile shell for the extremely powerful meaning you associate with the expression, not some empty words for non-existing bonds.