Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hanging On...Featuring We Love To Blog with Kaerri at Vintage Fair and Designer Circle with Queen of Ink, MESANGE, CODEX, MOoH!, *CNZ*, Indigo Poses

Sometimes we hold onto relationships far longer
than they are good for us.
Sure there are times when you just need to work
harder in a relationship to keep it going,
but when someone constantly depletes you,
sucks your energy and constantly takes you
to bad's time to cut your losses.
When I was married and in a bad place,
the thing the counselor would ask is...
Will he change?
She also told me, if he does change, great...
you can remarry him later.
Well we divorced and he is now on his 3rd marriage,
which I constantly hear they are struggling to
keep it together.
So I was right, he never changed.
But also friends can suck the life out of you.
Do you have a friend who is constantly in crisis?
Take a hard look...
thing is they probably enjoy the chaos.
If you are into chaos, well enjoy draggin
each other down.
As for me and my house....
we choose to avoid it.

So my challenge for the day would be
to de-stress your life.
I could almost bet you have someone sucking your
Find those people who build you up instead
of energy suckers.

Windsong hair by Exile

Haka Tattoo by *Queen oF Ink at Designer Circle

Arabian Nights Eyes 6 by MESANGE at Designer Circle

Vices Eye Makeup in oceane by Glamorize

Petal lips in sky by Glamorize

Enchanting sea necklace by CODEX at Designer Circle

Jumpsuit by MOoH! at Designer Circle

Flip Flops for slink flat feet by *CNZ* at Designer Circle

Hangin Around pose (couch not included) by Indigo Poses at Designer Circle

Malibu Cofffee table, Malibu Couch, Malibu Table Lamp, Art Deco Horse Head,
Cocktail Tray, Decor Heels, Kauri Drink Table Malibu Banana Palm, Malibu Carnations,
Malibu Chandelier, Malibue Coffee table, Malibu Shelf, Malibu curtains
by Kaerri at Vintage Fair 2016

Hanging On

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