Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cause She's a Goddess...Featuring Jumo and Swank with Luminesse, Culco, TM creations, 3rd Eye Perceptions

Every woman has a goddess within.
I wish more women knew just what a goddess they have inside,
waiting to come out and show how amazing she is.
We all waste too much time thinking we are not
pretty enough, hating parts of our body
and wishing away the days on wishing to be someone

Find the Goddess within you and shine!

gnossiennes hair by Analog Dog

Passion lips in cloudberry by Jumo

Vices eye makeup in midnight by Glamorize

Sassari Malvolia jewelry set by Luminesse at Swank

Oriental Dress in sapphire by Culco at Swank

Asian garden plants rocks by TM creations at Swank

Garden Arrangement by TM creations at Swank

Ground cover cherry blossom by TM creations at Swank

Eternal Steps Fountain by 3rd Eye Perceptions at Swank

Cause She's a Goddess

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