Monday, August 22, 2016

Feel Invincible...Featuring Swank with (BYRNE), Destiny Style, [Aleutia]

I think we all feel invincible when we are younger.
I know I did, it seemed like no matter what
bone I broke, what accident I found myself in,
I was able to rehab, overcome and move on to
do more of the crazy stuff I was into.
It wasn't until I had a life altering accident that
I realized that the body has limitations
and not all things can be overcome.
Don't get me wrong, I still try to overcome
those things, but I realize that some damage can never be undone.

Treat your body with respect, realize you have limitations
and that not everything can be overcome...
just like love cannot conquer all...

but that's another story.

Sari hair in black by Tableau Vivant 

Gemini eye makeup in peach by MONS

Tessa gloss in pink by Wow Skins (lucky chairs) 

Thorn roses headpiece by Astralia 

Fairy Princess crown, anklet, and bracelets by MA

Jasmine Sheer Scarf in Pepper by (BYRNE) at Swank

Peace dress by Destiny Style at Swank

Malibu heels for slink high feet by [Aleutia] at Swank

Feel Invincible

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