Friday, August 12, 2016

Isn't She Lovely...Featuring Jumo and Designer Circle with MESANGE, Awear, Chic Princess, Persefona

Day dreamin' is so much fun~
what would life be like if we didn't
day dream?

I day dream that I win the lottery...
I day dream that I find true love...
I day dream about the amazing house I will
have to entertain my grand kids someday.
(no I do not have grand kids, it's day dreaming.)

Where would we be if not for day dreams.
Everything created in life began with a dream...

So dream!

Atalia hair by Truth

Nataly black eyeliner in red by Jumo

Alexa lips in deep red by Jumo

Legend Eyes 3 by MESANGE at Designer Circle

Secret garden tatoo in black by Awear at Designer Circle

Thrills Dress by Chic Princess by Designer Circle

Head fireflies by Persefona at Designer Circle

Isn't She Lovely

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