Sunday, September 25, 2016

Love Song...Featuring Swank with Ghostyss

As humans we seem to need a lot of reassurance.
Sometimes we need a love song to show us that
we are worth something.
We need someone to sing to us,
someone to tell us we are their everything.
And sometimes it is so hard to give someone
who is insecure the things they need.
We really shouldn't rely on anyone
but ourselves to feel happy and fulfilled.
It really isn't fair to someone else
for you to need reassurance
all the time.
Know that you are good enough,
know that you are enough...
and don't need a love song.

Lialson hair by Exile

Avery eyeshadow in cottoncandy by !Musa!

Alexa Lips in Lavender by Jumo

Vintage Pearl necklace with key by Zenith

Amandine gown by Ghostyss at Swank

Formal Gloves by Sweet Tea

Love Song

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