Saturday, September 10, 2016

Photograph...Featuring Jumo with Hyper Glitter Eyeshadow at The Makeover Room and Dee Marie Outfit

For all of us life moves on,
sometimes before we are ready for it to,
sometimes it could not have come any sooner
we already know it is time to move on.
But it seems like in life,
things seem to come back into our lives.
Cycles that seem to repeat.
As I near my High School Reunion time,
it seems that lots of old memories, old friends
and old interests seem to come back around.

So here is to photographs,
to memories and to renewing friendships.

Raphael hair by Sintiklia

Hyper Glitter Eyeshadow in blue by Jumo at the Makeover Room September Round

Dee Marie Outfit, shoes and jewelry by Jumo


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