Monday, September 12, 2016

Return To Sender...Featuring Designer Circle with Queen of Ink, Graffitiwear, Icons of Style

Sometimes I wish there was a return to sender button
on my social media venues. 
Wouldn't it be nice to let some people know 
you were not accepting 
their mail? 

But then again...
people go psycho over things like unfriending...
what's that about???

Admiral Hat in Grey by Tentacio

Let Her go hair by Lamb at The Arcade Gatcha Event

Loyalty tattoo by Queen of Ink at Designer Circle

Cameo Eyeliner in sky by Jumo

Body Piercing - Septum leaf by Asset
I got this at an Event

Red lips by Death Row  (Lucky Chairs)

Elven Agata face piercing by JANGKA

Xiang Mo Collar in blue by Zenith

Beach Romper by Graffitiwear at Designer Circle

SnakeSkinCharmBracelet by Baubles! by Phe

Stacked bracelets by Pure Poison 

Freesia boots in black latex by #EMPIRE (from Midnight Madness)

Pose with Box by Icons Of Style at Designer Circle

Return To Sender

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