Monday, September 26, 2016

What's My Name...Featuring Designer Circle with Wow Skins, MESANGE, StormCrow Design's, Apple Heart Inc., Icons Of Style

So as we get older we find out things...
things that break our hearts,
take us to years gone by...
and we get to relive things we thought
we left behind.

This week I got reacquainted with an old friend.
We both had wanted the same guy.
I didn't realize it at the time.
I was the one dating him...
I guess she pined.
So we lost touch, somewhere along the way,
I don't even remember why.
So I come to find out,
she slept with my husband...

I hate that sometimes you get to go back
and relive some bad times in your life...
things you thought you got over
come back callin,
and in an instant you are back
Feeling all the pain again...

Life sucks some days.

iphito hair in pitch black by adoness

Eyeshadow Mermaid fairy in Basslet by !Musa!

lips in brightpink by Death Row

Claudette fur shrug in noir by Indyra (past Cosmopolitan gift)

Nadine skin in tan by Wow Skins at Designer Circle

Melusine Eyes 5 by MESANGE at Designer Circle

Jenny Mini Dress with Bra & Undies by StormCrow Design's at Designer Circle

High Heels for slink feet by Apple Heart Inc. at Designer Circle
Also avaliable in Belleza and Maitreya

Hannah poses by Icons of Style at Designer Circle

What's My Name

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