Thursday, November 17, 2016

Brighter Days...Featuring Swank with B Barbie Styles, Yeux, Prism, Tashi, Kaerri

Some days are stormy, 
you feel low and beat down. 
Just remember that soon the clouds will break
a new day will unfold 
and the future holds many possibilities. 

I am headed into some changes for my RL
which is scary, but I choose to look into the 
brighter days and possibles. 

What possibilities lie ahead of you?

Hectate hair in blonde by B Barbie Styles at Swank

Genevieve hair flower by Astralia

Celeste eyes in Honey by Yeux at Swank

Cerridwen eyeshadow in La Boheme

Empress warlock lip by The Muses

Gold Twisted Autumn Pearls Jewelry by B Barbie Style at Swank

Rachel sequin outfit in cream by Prism at Swank

Falling Leaves nails by Tashi at Swank
Belieza, Maitreya, Omega, Slink

Vanessa heels by AsHmOoT

Lavandre Furniture Set by Kaerri at Swank

Brighter Days

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