Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sandcastles...Featuring Swank with ZEX

One time I met a guy in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore.
He gave me a sandcastle in the shape of a lighthouse
and told me that it was my rays of hope.
He told me to never give up
and to keep my eyes on the light.

My eyes have been fixed on the
light and it always brings me to safety.

Lauren hair by ploom

Smoke eyeshadow by La boheme

Silken lips in mauve by Jumo

Kore Necklaces by :[P]: 
Mad Peas hunt gift

Adele Coat by ZEX at Swank

Zuri jeans by ZEX at Swank

Anaju boots in snow/silver by  R.icielli

Cassandra bag in black/gold by Just Design


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