Monday, December 5, 2016

Ice Queen...Featuring Swank with Sinful Curves, Xen's Hats, Destiny Style

I am a seeker.

Here and now fills me.

Meanwhile a small part remains empty,

and I ache to find out what I can fit into it.

I want to be filled with life, play, laughter.


Now I’m an ice figure with a careful,

somehow tentatively throbbing heart.

You killed me.

Guess what?

I’m back from the dead.

I hope one day I can let that part of me heal well,

Now it’s a silent scar.

An ice-desert.

An ice rink with blade marks,

feeble attempts at ice dancing.

I fall as hard every time.

No time to reach out my hand to cushion.

Suddenly I’m lost, the wound is open and I hurt someone,

blood flows out of me,

staining the one who came too close.

Ice melts a bit where my blood drips.

Then the ice is hard again.

Some red color gets encapsulated inside the ice,

and I breathe shallow and fast and feel my chest narrow

while I know that inside inside that ice is potential for life.

My life.

It has always been difficult for others to stand firm around me.

I end the dance alone.

Small ice particles sparkle while hurled through the air.

I do a pirouette and wish the fall welcome.

Ice Princess skin by Sinful Curves at Swank

Snow Queen headdress by Xen's Hats at Swank

On the Edge hair by Clawtooth

Silver lips past gift at The Boho Culture Fair

Sci-fi Design blue lips fembots Eve by Madrid Solo

Capritzi Fantasia Ice Necklace by Luminesse

Winter LoVe dress by Destiny Style at Swank

Good Witch Illuminated Aura, halo and hands by Cole's Corner

Ice Queen

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