Sunday, January 15, 2017

Beautiful...Featuring Preptopia with the Old Hollywood Gown

So I am a massage therapist in RL. 
I have been too sick to practice the art though. 
I miss the days of calm relaxation of massaging someone. 
It always seemed to do me as much good as it did 
the client. 

Somedays you just need to drift away...
have someone touch you and feel relief. 
It is too bad that touching is so frowned upon. 
Even more sad that touch has to be sexual in nature
and people don't touch each other anymore. 
There is so much kindness in a simple touch. 
So much caring and healing.

Have you touched someone in a healing way today? 
If not, go give someone a hug!!

Brooke hair by !Oleander

Ondine 4 eyeshadow by La Boheme

Elegant lipstick in Electric Red by Pink Acid (Gift)

Kushinada shawl shinto by {aii}

Delia jewelry by Lazuri

Old Hollywood Vintage Gown in Red by Preptopia

Cristal silver clutch bag by Septem Essentia


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