Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Treat You Better...Featuring...Jumo and Swank with TASHI, Indulge Temptation!

This is a subject close to my heart.
I have so many friends and relatives who are in bad
relationship because they see the potential
in someone, but fail to see the reality.

I know, sometimes you can see so much in someone,
more so than they see in themselves.
It can be easy to try to nurture that
when the other person has no interest or intentions
on becoming the person you see.

So they stay in relationships, being abused,
misused, and are miserable.
I can guarentee to each of them
that there is someone on the outside,
seeing them abused and mistreated
and they dream of being the one to treat them better.

I have a niece, and I can talk about this here as none of
my RL life read this...
When she was in high school, at the job she was working
there was a man.
She spoke of this guy as her "stalker".
Always telling us how he would stalk her,
watch her, follow her, ask her out,
and creep her out.
Well she gave into this guy and gave him a "pity" date.
Before you knew it, she was engaged to him.
For the life of me I cannot understand why someone
would marry thier stalker.
He doesn't treat her great and I mourn for the
life she could have had.

Sometimes we fall in love with, accept bad behavior
and go along with someone mistreating us.

It's not ok...and I pray someday we all find someon
who will treat us better.

Admiral Lenore Hat in grey by Tentacio

Summer Haze hair by Stealthic 

Cosima the King of Couture shoulder pet by Heth Haute Couture for10L

Pax skin in cream by Jumo

Pax Eyeliner in black by Jumo

Pax lips in deep red by Jumo

Anne Marie dress by TASHI at Swank

Drama Queen Necklace by Indulge Temptation! at Swank

Treat You Better

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