Wednesday, March 29, 2017

All the Pretty Girls...Featuring Chop Zuey with The Dark Dweller of Braj Jewelry at Designer Showcase and Jumo with Muccia eyeshadow and lips

My gacha survival guide:

I am a sucker for gachas, especially if they have yummy and adorable
stuff. is easy to get carried away and pull too many times for that
wanted item.
So, I have had to pull in the reigns, work out a plan of action before going
to a support group.
Heaven knows I am already enrolled in too many of those, lol.

So here is what I have limited myself to....
and my wallet thanks me!

So, when I find something that I just can't go without...
I first, have a little talk with myself to determine if I really, really need
the item.
Then I have to decide if the rare or ultra rare is something I really
need or just can't do without.
So, if I wanna chance getting a rare, but it isn't something
I just can't do without...cuz I gotta be like all the pretty girls!
I will give myself 4 pulls.
If I get a rare, bonus, if not I have to be willing to walk away.
Then I go to marketplace or hit up some gacha yards and get the
items for half to 75 percent off beause there
are soooo many other people who can't stop pulling.
Sometime I can score the whole outfit for under 200L.

Now if I just can't go without that rare item,
sometimes it is still in my best interest to get it off marketplace.
I know I will end up pulling too many times
and it may cost me more, however I won't have anything to
sell to recoop my losses.
So if I can find it for a decent place listed, I just get it there.
If it isn't an option or people are cray cray on MP and thing
I will spend 4000L for something...(they gotta be out of their minds)
Then I limit my pulls for the rare.
Trust me, I have had machines that I pull over 40 times and never got a rare.
So, hope the designers enjoyed my linden lovings cuz it isn't gonna happen
So, I limit myself to 10 pulls.
Sometimes you just gotta walk away...
and fagetaboutit!

Hope you find gachas as enjoyable as I do!!
Just be smart about them and save yourself some lindens!!

Valentine hair (group gift) by Tableau Vivant

Muccia Eyeliners for Catwa head by Jumo
also avaliable in omega and includes classic layers

Muccia Lips for Catwa head by Jumo
also avaliable in omega and includes classic layers

The Dark Dweller of Braj jewelry set by Chop Zuey at Designer Showcase

Casi Collar top for Maitreya by Asteria at Whore Couture

Mykonos Armlorals (gacha) by Blueberry

All the Pretty Girls

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