Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Symphony...Featuring Swank with Yeux, WILD, ALTER

Today I wanna talk about something that is really important.
You can lose so many things in life due to your own attitude.
I know in the world of modeling, both RL and SL...
your attitude can make you or break you.
I don't just mean for the up and coming models.
I have lost so much respect for some top models
and those who run agencies who
continually bash others, talk negative and
spread rumors.
I have watched up and coming models who
are rude and arogant towards others
and had their careers cut short because nobody will
work with them.
I have had models treat me badly when I have
been over them,
and even had some actively try to make my life
miserable becaue I expected a certain level of excellence.
I have watched designers treat others badly,
or others treat designers badly.
I have watched rigged competitions
and back bitting.
I try to keep myself at arms length from people who
act badly.
Honestly, who has time for all that negativity?
If you find yourself feeling negative
and wanting to lash out on someone or
the world in general...
think twice.
How is it that you want others to see you?
What type of reputation do you wish to hold?
We all have bad days,
and I am not ammune to such things
But if I have taken my own personal stuff out on someone,
I always try to appologize and try to make it right.
Holding a grudge only hurts yourself.
Treat others as you would have others treat you.
Sounds funny to say,
but I really thing people have either not
been taught how to be decent, or have forgotten.
Lets remember...
pay it forward and see if you can make someone's day
instead of tearing it down.

Tube scarf in leaves by Hats World

Spice hair by Exile (Older Item)

Ocean Dark Eyes by Yeux at Swank

Dramatic eyes eyeshadow by WILD at Swank

Hollywood lips for mesh heads by WILD at Swank

Mia outfit by ALTER at Swank
Comes with jacket, skirt, purse, along with sunglasses and shoes not pictured


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