Saturday, March 25, 2017

Thinkin bout You...Featuring Chop Zuey and Jumo

This post is more about events.
This is probably the last time I will highlight them.
I have found that the SL search engine is not very good
at finding events and really I had a friend who
taught me who was who and where to find things in SL.
There is a website for events, although it is far from complete,
you can find hot designers and subscribe with them.
I realize that groups are limited and you have to pick and choose what
you are involved with in SL.
Subscribing is a way to get notices about
whats new with each designer without
having to use a group spot.

So the best place to find some of the hottest events is through

I really am not sure why other events do not use this amazing site.
I know me and my friends frequent the site and
you are able to preshop before hitting the laggy event.
I wish that you could just buy off that page,
like marketplace, then I could skip those laggy events
Until then....the best way to prevent yourself and others from
lagging at the event is to get a whole body alpha,
remove your huds, (heaven knows we are all getting hudded out)
and then bam...lag free for everyone.

Get out there and shop!!!

Catya Mesh Head by Catwa

Sandra hair by Emo-tions

Tabatha eyeshadow for Catwa head by La Boheme

Bronz lips by Jumo (Catwa applier)
also comes in classic

Beaujolais - Noir Jewelry set by Chop Zuey

Hypnose pose for Bento by FOXCITY

Thinkin bout You

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