Friday, March 24, 2017

Celebrate...Featuring Swank with Scarlet Creative

So I talked a little about events a couple of posts ago.
Swank is one of the biggest monthly events on the grid.
If you haven't been over, go over and see what there is to offer.
Events are great to find new releases and sometimes
even exclusives.
I so hate it when I miss a great exclusive.
You will see in my blogs the items I get from events.
Some end up at the store of the designer later,
but some are never to be seen again.

So stay up to date, grab the new items
and be the most fab avi on the grid!!

See ya over at Swank!

Charming Accent set by HJM Designs at Swank

Includes a rezz box that rezzes out the two chairs,
table, flowers, book with glasses and mirror

Cordellia Curtains in Cream Scarlet Creative

Fairy light balloons by Half Deer

Cirque de reverie Floor Balloons by {anc}

Light Curtain in silver by BF Accessories


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