Saturday, November 7, 2015

Nothing Stays the Same...Featuring Art in Hats with Lilith's Den

November the 4th through November the 14th, 2015

Nothing stays the same. Eventually we will all leave, it's not that we want to,
but everyone will leave this earth. It's just a matter of time.
We all lie, learn, change...
it is inevitable.
So while you are here, who do you want to be?

Celtic Sun Temple Crown by Lilith's Den at Art in Hats 2015

Makina eye shadow in blue by Rubedo

Desiree Lips in gold by Jumo

Aphrodite bra, bracelet and hand jewelry by .aisling. 

We Are All Made Of Stars by Valentina E.

Boadicea's upper arm jewelry by The Forge

Intended Hair by Magika

Sea Horse Sandals in gold by Pure Poison

Nothing Stays the Same

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