Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lazy....Featuring Fashion For Life 2016 with Cosmic Temptations

Some days you just wanna be lazy...
drift away on a cloud or sit alone on the moon.
Some days you just want to let yourself drift away
and not think or feel anything but the wind caressing your
face, or the sun warming you from the outside in.

This is me today...hanging out, doing a lot of nothing...

Some just need to drift!

The Rhubarb hair by Olive 
Fleur d'hiver headpiece in white by *LODE*

Ayanna 4 eyeshadow by La Boheme

Lip Design-bubble gloss-The Pinks in light coral pink
by Madrid Solo
Mon Bel Amour collar and shoulder piece RARE's
by aisling 
Forever Love Bridal Gown by  Cosmic Temptations
at Fashion For Life 2016
LM to come
Dystopis Wings in Pink ULTRARARE by E.V.E. 

Dame des Fleaurs Hand pieces and bracelets by aisling

Vinnitsa sandals in wildpink by Hucci


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